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The Wanderings of a Spiritualist

The Wanderings of a Spiritualist

A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars

The science fiction genre of writing is also called as SF or Sci-Fi and is one of the most popular writing niches, which interests old and young alike. Supa online library has the most interesting collection of science fiction ebooks, to delight and to intellectually fascinate you.

Characteristics of science fiction ebooks and novels

The plot of the science fiction ebook may often have a narrative and story that differs widely from the historical or present reality of the world. Backed by scientific evidence, the stories seem true and real! The fictional world of a science fiction ebook may differ from the real world in the historical, technological, sociological, meta-physical and philosophical aspects.

That said, the story is not magical, and stories depending on magic are entirely different. The science fiction plot may be woven around a civilization of the future, around the aliens/stars and around many other topic ideas that have their origins in science. Scientific fiction novels are fast-paced and truly interesting, as the narration is impeccably sealed and backed by real scientific evidence relating to physics, biology, and chemistry, among other subject areas. The novel may also touch the unknown areas of the human physiology, psychology, and brain and reveal some very interesting aspects that may not be known to you before.

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