We're simply insatiably curious.

We love to explore new ideas. This is why we got hooked to books in the first place. And, thus began what today is a serious case of bibliophillia. It got so serious we now have an awesome online library of eBooks. Why carry one or two books, when you can carry an entire library in your pocket? We spend most of our time online, why not read books online?

Different perspectives intrigue us. Challenging conventional wisdom is a part of our daily routine. That's how we figured out an way to indulge our auditory senses while we engage our soul in a book. You can now listen to music while reading your favourite book.

We all have a story to be told. And, we're all agog to know yours. Read real stories of real people, relive those rapturous episodes, those poignant moments. Or, tell yours.

Sharing is blissful. Sharing with like minded folks is ecstatic. Come join the cult and be a part of this supa library!